3 Important Things You May Not Know about St. Athanasius


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We are at a point where we need brave and courageous voices in the church. This is critical for our producing more disciples to follow Jesus. St. Athanasius took some bold stands as he fought for the truth. We have much we can learn from him.

Two thousand years of Christian history has given us a legacy of the church in all its triumphs and tragedies. One of my goals as an author is to introduce Christians to historical figures who made courageous stands during challenging times and whose voices remain critical for us today.

St. Athanasius (c. 296–373) was born and educated in the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt. Likely coming from a Christian family, he would go on to an exceptional career and become the greatest theologian of his time. He was an articulate, tenacious, and untiring defender of Nicene orthodoxy. He battled what was the greatest heresy in church history and argued for the truth of such essential doctrines such as the incarnation and the Trinity.

Yet while Athanasius is one of the most famous theologians in all of church history, there are three things you may not know about him. I hope this brief sketch on Athanasius will inspire you in your service and devotion to Christ.

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