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ISIS - The Islamic State

ISIS – The Islamic State

Let us all pray for Iraq. Untold atrocities are being perpetuated on the innocent.

The U.N. is raising the alarm over “barbaric acts” of sexual violence and “savage rapes” by Islamist militants in northwestern Iraq. The U.N. says ISIS has abducted women and children and forced some 1,500 Christians and members of other minority sects into sexual slavery.

Last month (July 2014), the U.N. estimated 1.2 million Iraqis have fled their homes in fear for their lives as the Islamists issue ultimatums that they convert to a virulent strain of Islam and adhere to Sharia law or die.

And it’s not like they’re making it a secret. The members of the Islamist army use social media to publicize their atrocities in order to terrify their subjects and recruits similarly evil-minded men to their cause.