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This is interesting that advocates of same-sex marriage don’t argue for the same culture that traditionalists want. Why is that? Could it be that isn’t what is really wanted?

I imagined an advocate for redefining marriage saying something like, “We agree with you that marriage is a unique, important social institution that supports and helps sustain societies. We, too, are concerned about the erosion of marriage through such things as casual sex, cohabitation, no-fault divorce, and adultery. We, too, are dedicated to reaffirming marriage as a social institution that is monogamous, sexually exclusive, and life-long. Please see us same-sex couples as fresh reinforcements to help you in the important work to uphold the institution of marriage.”

But no one ever made that argument to me. In fact, for the past couple of years at those various debates, I began volunteering the above line of reasoning as the one I did not know how to answer, and I would ask if anyone was willing to make it. No one ever did.

via The Argument For Redefining Marriage That Gives Me PauseBy   21, 2015