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Newt Gingrich raises an interesting question.

So will the EPA have to pay fines and make restitution? If so, out of whose salary will it come from?

For environmental regulators, victories take the form of fines or jail time for the sinners, whose efforts to produce what humans find useful are insufficiently tempered by reverence for “the environment”— an imagined perfection of the world before humans. Those regulators must be tormented this week by the knowledge that in their zeal to defend nature they have epa-causes-massive-colorado-spill-1-million-gallons-mining-waste-turns-river-turned a Colorado river “an opaque orange color reminiscent of boxed mac and cheese.”

Inspecting a closed-down gold mine in Colorado, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) team accidentally spilled 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater into the Animas River. Now the orange plume extends more than 100 miles downriver and the agency is warning people to stay away.

via NEWT GINGRICH: EPA should face criminal charges – Washington Times.