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God's Wisdom 02I’m glad Glenn Beck brought this up. I think it is very fair and more than reasonable. Some of it seems to be about “speaking the truth to power”. There is real anger with the Republican leadership. I certainly understand it. But that will only get us so far.

I think we ought to look for leaders who demonstrate real wisdom. King Solomon was richer than Donald Trump. That isn’t what he is know for. When God asked him what he wanted, Solomon responded that he wanted wisdom.

God gave Solomon wisdom—the deepest of understanding and the largest of hearts. There was nothing beyond him, nothing he couldn’t handle. Solomon’s wisdom outclassed the vaunted wisdom of wise men of the East, outshone the famous wisdom of Egypt.” 1 Kings 4:29-34

Here is what Glenn asked.

“He is part of the problem when he by his own admission, buys politicians; he said he identifies his “policies more as a democrat”; he makes President Obama look truly humble; he was very pro abortion until very recently; he still says ‘don’t defund planned parenthood’; he is pro ‘assault weapon ban’; he is in favor of a wealth tax that would just ‘take money out of people’s bank accounts’; he is for boots on the ground in Iraq and ‘taking the oil’ from the Iraqi people; he is a progressive ‘republican’; he says single payer health care works; he said he would give people more than just Obama care; the First Lady would be the first to have posed nude in lesbian porno shots; he said that he keeps all the bibles he is given in a “special place” out side the city – and he only goes to church on Christmas and Easter; he is generally not a likable guy; he has around 16% favorability with Hispanics and he has gone bankrupt 4 times,” he wrote.

Beck then asked, “Why are big name “conservatives” supporting him?” He listed Fox News host Sean Hannity, author Ann Coulter and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh as examples.

“These are smart people. What am I missing?” Beck asked. “Just based on his favorability ratings he could never win in a general. Research shows that he may be near his ceiling now.”

via Glenn Beck Has an ‘Honest Question’ for Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter: ‘I Really Want to Understand’ | TheBlaze.com.

You can find Sean’s complete response here.


You are a friend and a patriot who has asked an honest and thoughtful question, and I will attempt to answer it in this post.

You asked, “Can we actually have a civil discourse based on facts? Not on emotion or feelings?” Of course we can! For all of you leftists out there in the media and elsewhere hoping this will become a “food fight,” you will be extremely disappointed.

Let me first point out that I am personally UNDECIDED as to whom I I will support in the GOP primaries. The good news is the Iowa Caucus is February 1, 2016. That gives us over 5 1/2 months before the REAL process begins in deciding who the Republican presidential nominee will be. Five and a half months is an eternity in political terms.

A lot can and will happen between now and then. Some candidates will trip and fall or stumble. Some will recover and others may not. Polls will shift, debates will hopefully enlighten, and voters (that is, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) will decide which way this is going to go.

Read more: http://www.hannity.com/articles/election-493995/sean-answers-beck-13858756/#ixzz3jAuQvP9u