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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

This is a pretty good summary from Politico.  My sense is that this is a very big problem and a real risk for her.

As a point of reference, earlier this year the FBI recommended bringing felony charges against former CIA Director David Petraeus for mishandling classified information. Petraeus was accused of passing classified documents to his mistress and biographer, Paula Broadwell. Petraeus later pled guilty to unauthorized removal and retention of classified information, accepted two years’ probation and a $100,000 fine.

In 2005 Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton, pled guilty to the same offense. He was being investigated for removing classified documents from the National Archives in the course of his research prior to testifying before the 9/11 Commission. Berger was fined $50,000, stripped of his security clearance for three years, given two years’ probation, and lost his law license.

The steady “drip, drip, drip” of the Hillary Clinton email flap — combined with aggressive spin launched this week by the Clinton campaign — creates confusion about the underlying facts. Is the email controversy a real risk for the Democratic Party front-runner? Or as her campaign suggests, is it part of another well-orchestrated attack by her Republican enemies? Here’s a rundown of 10 key issues.

via Hillary Clinton’s email: 10 questions – POLITICO.