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We do have pundits and talking heads. Many times they know what they are talking about. Sometimes they get it wrong.

As the saying goes, “time will tell”.  Let’s pray for wisdom in helping to decide who will lead America’s future.

Basically nobody who follows politics in any depth thinks either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders could be elected our next president. And yet here we are, with the unelectables rising to the top of their parties’ polls. Trump leads basically every GOP poll of the 2016 race, and Sanders – an independent socialist senator from Vermont – just crested Hillary Clinton in his very first poll in New Hampshire.

So how is it possible that the chattering classes are still giving them almost no chance – not only to win the presidency, but even their parties’ nominations? There’s actually a very good reason: It’s because people do care about electability. They just don’t care about it yet.

Witness this new poll showing Sanders leading Clinton in New Hampshire. The poll, from Franklin Pierce University, shows just 7 percent of people say being the most electable is their top criterion. On the GOP side, just 3 percent says it’s their top criterion. In both parties, about six in 10 emphasize the issues, first and foremost.

via The one big reason neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders can keep this up – The Washington Post.