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Race and ethnicity

Race and ethnicity

Why wait for “the opposition” to come to you? Why not seek them out and take the initiative. That seems wise to me.

Ben Carson is an outsider. He is benefiting from his outsider status. He is definitely not following the pack.

His perspective on identifying and solving the problems is a useful one. We could all benefit from that approach.

Those persuadable voters are also watching how Republicans respond — which is why Republicans who encounter Black Lives Matter protesters should resist the temptation to go Chris Christie on them. Instead, they should follow the lead of Ben Carson and use the protests as an opportunity to point out that the Democratic policies of the Obama era are failing our most vulnerable citizens.

Carson didn’t wait for the protesters to come to him. He took his campaign to Harlem last week to make the case that the GOP has better solutions for the challenges of poverty, dependency and lack of mobility. “Of course black lives matter,” Carson declared during his Harlem campaign stop, “But instead of people pointing fingers at each other and just creating strife, what we need to be talking about is: How do we solve problems in the black community? . . . Whether I get the votes or not, I want people to start listening to what I am saying and understanding that . . . there is a way to go that will lead to upward mobility as opposed to dependency.”

via Republicans should follow Ben Carson’s lead on Black Lives Matter – The Washington Post.