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Radical Sayings of Jesus

Radical Sayings of Jesus

We need to be anchored in the love God for life. Moral relativism and it’s consequences devastating. We will be judged on the basis of did we love and did we stand for life. God’s word is clear. King Jesus is clear.

Look at a sonogram. What you see is life and you know it. That is the truth and rejecting it leads to death and destruction.

For those still clinging to their pro-choice flag, willingly ignorant of science, please know: Your moral relativism is nauseating in its consequences, annoying in its logical fallacies, and disgusting in its devastating effects on political and cultural debate.

If ever there was a case for the mantra that “ideas have consequences,” it’s clear in the heartache of a woman who mourns her miscarriage and the irony of those who turn their heads when a baby is aborted then sold for profit. We cannot have it both ways. Yet pro-choice advocates desperately attempt to, and when this cognitive dissonance is pointed out, they cry “hypocrite!” and “unhinged zealot!” Science is on the side of life. The proof remains clear and ever-growing. The only thing that needs to change is the cultural relativism, which instead of being freeing is stifling; instead of providing clarity, seeks to proliferate confusion.

via I’m Sick Of Your Moral Relativism.