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This is very well said. A regime change is not impossible. It is up to the Iranian people but it can happen.  Israel is close and Iran wants to destroy them. Iran is investing millions to make it happen. With the new deal, they will get $150 billion dollars to continue to make it happen.

Perhaps our time should be spent figuring out how to change the leadership of Iran. There is a democratic opposition. Actively assisting is a great strategy.

No longer would the United States stand by as international organizations berate Israelis for building bedrooms in Judea and Samaria, while ignoring Iranian threats to “replace Israel” with a “big Holocaust.” Iranian leaders must be prosecuted for inciting genocide and murdering countless innocent Jews, Christians and Muslims across the world.

There is no reason why the free world should tolerate a supremacist regime that threatens Israel’s very existence. The current tensions with Tehran are not inevitable. Persians and Jews enjoy cultural ties dating back to ancient times. More than 100,000 Jews lived in Iran on the eve of the 1979 revolution.

A democratic Iran would present its own challenges, but it would go a long way in addressing one of the most serious threats Israel and America face. Let’s remember that amid internal political change, many other countries have relinquished their pursuit of nuclear weapons and gotten out of the terrorism game. The same could happen with Iran. The ripple effects would be felt throughout the Middle East, where the Quds Force and other Iranian proxies currently run roughshod, destabilizing the region and threatening the US and its allies.

As the Obama presidency comes to a close, the United States and Israel have a new opportunity to rebuild relations and stand united against the Islamic Republic. By empowering Iran’s opposition, the United States and Israel can address the Iranian threat at minimal cost, keep Israelis and Americans safe, and give meaning to our shared commitment: Never again!

via Time for regime change in Iran – Opinion – Jerusalem Post.