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Fiorina was asked about Clinton criticizing Trump and other GOP candidates on the issue of women’s health, and Clinton appearing to revive the war on women line. Thank goodness for the courage of Mrs. Fiorina. May God grant all our candidates wisdom.

“Well, first of all, boo hoo Mrs. Clinton. I mean, Mrs. Clinton is the same person who compared Republicans to terrorists. For heaven’s sakes, I actually wish Mr. Trump would throw a little more heat Hillary Clinton’s way. I feel sometimes as though I’m the only who’s consistently been critical of her. The truth is, Mrs. Clinton has lied, as secretary of state, about Benghazi, about her emails, about her server. And, so, when she revives this war on women, and make no mistake, she will. This is her go-to line. And of course, we now know that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a lot to do with women’s health. It does have to do with the character of this nation. And I hope very much, that our leaders in Congress will once and for all, pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and defund Planned Parenthood.” ~Carly Fiorina


Source: Fiorina On Clinton War on Women Claims: ‘Boo Hoo Mrs. Clinton’ – Breitbart