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We know a lot about liberty in our country. We also know about civil wars. When we could no longer tolerate what Britain was doing to us, we fought for our liberty. We also had a civil war. We fought to a conclusion.  We did not flee to Mexico or Canada. We fought. We had many casualties both times. But we fought. In the civil war, 620,000 Americans died on both sides.

So … what is going on in Syria. It is horrific to see what is going on there. The atrocities committed by Bashar al-Assad are astounding. Iran is supporting him. Russia is supporting him.

Then we have the cruel work of ISIS who has established a Caliphate. They, of course, are fighting.

What is equally sad is to see people fleeing and not fighting. Nothing will be gained that way. Much will be lost. And so Europe is struggling to accept those who are fleeing. America is under pressure as well. All very sad.

We know that freedom is not free. It comes with great sacrifice. Who will stand up to both President Assad and ISIS? Standing up to butchers is suicidal at a certain level. But what if 2 million stayed and fought? What would the outcome for liberty be?

We may never know.

May God give us all wisdom. May peace come to the Syrian people.