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This whole deal was a fiasco from the beginning. Instead of treating it like a treaty and requiring 67 affirmative votes, Senator Corker brokered a deal where 34 Democrats could block it.

It is sad and embarrassing that we have so little respect for our Constitution.

That is one reason Corker’s deal was so foolish. Even if the Iran sellout could not be stopped — because Obama went outside the American political system to work with China and Russia at the United Nations, cutting American voters and their representatives out of the loop entirely — it was still important to make this painful for the Democrats. Instead, Corker made it as painless as possible with his “bipartisan” arrangement, leaving the Democrats plenty of room to indulge members like Schumer, who had to pretend they were concerned about national security and the fate of Israel.  

It also became easier for the Obama Administration to conduct its charade of “selling the deal.” Every salesman relaxes when he knows a sloppy pitch is good enough to get the paperwork signed.

Source: The Deciding Vote for Obama’s Iran Deal Was Bob Corker