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Is this really about choice? Is really what I get to do with “my body”?

The “my body, my choice” argument is also the foundation of the well known, and damaging, violinist analogy: if you wake up one day with the world’s best violinist attached to you for a lifesaving treatment only you can provide, do you have the right to unplug him, and thereby kill him? Pro-choicers say yes, and pro-lifers are caught in a seemingly indefensible position. After all, even we grant that the violinist has the right to life, which he would, how can we deny that we would have the right to unplug him if we don’t consent to treating him? We control our body, and the decisions we make regarding it should be free for us to make. If we don’t want to save the violinist, we shouldn’t have to. Should we? Who’s making us? Who can make us?

Life – Let’s celebrate it

We are able to see the horrible nature of abortion and the callous and depraved attitude of the abortion providers at Planned Parenthood.

Nine atrocious Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress are revitalizing the pro-life movement. While the long-standing goal of completely defunding Planned Parenthood, which currently receives $528 million of taxpayer funds, has achieved some success in recent years, CMP’s shocking videos might finally tip the scale for good. Furthermore, the videos have also shined a glaring light on the darkest sides of the abortion industry. The latest video, which was released Tuesday, filmed a conversation with StemExpress CEO, Cate Dyer, who suggested that Planned Parenthood clinics suffer from “rampant” disease and bacteria contamination.

Source: Shifting the Pro-Life Paradigm – The Federalist