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I continue to be impressed by Carly Fiorina. Poised, articulate, visionary but detailed about her proposals. We will see if she gets a lift from the debate.

There is only one headline, and that is the political arrival of Carly Fiorina. She gave the best answer on Planned Parenthood. She gave the best answer on Donald Trump’s insults. She gave the best answer on the ten dollar bill. She gave solid answers on her business record and drug policy. In what was essentially her prime time introduction to a Republican electorate that was only just becoming aware of her existence after the first round of debates, she proved to be the quickest and most capable debater on the stage.

Note: You will see many reporters today saying that Fiorina’s description of what happened in the Planned Parenthood videos is made up or exaggerated. I don’t understand that at all – did they miss this one? Oh, right, they missed all of them.

Source: Carly Fiorina Joins The Fray