Assimilation is possible in America. We have a great history of it. It has always worked in several directions with immigrants becoming Americans and Americans learning to love different cultural worlds.

The “immigration issue” in the United States has plenty of room for blame for both political parties. We need to come together on stopping illegal immigration and what to do about those who are already here.

“Our loss of American vigor, vitality, prestige, and confidence has little to do with the illegal tomato-pickers from Mexico or Indian engineers working in Silicon Valley. Immigrants are not the ones who have elected a succession of pathetically inadequate leaders. They are not the ones who have voted themselves a plethora of unsustainable perquisites. If you are looking for a threat to America’s long-term prosperity and tranquility, do not look toward immigrants. Look into the mirror instead.”

Source: The Real Threat To America Is Not Immigrants, But Ourselves