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Carly Fiorina

Abortion is horrific in so many ways. The recent video disclosures are troubling and show something profoundly disturbing about our culture and country.

It would be helpful, but not expected, if the media would at least be neutral and factual.

The media have consistently failed to cover the Planned Parenthood footage, and now they are covering up the truth. The reality is that babies of the same gestational age are having their organs harvested every day. These videos feature graphic footage of abortionists mangling babies to harvest organs to sell. They feature abortionists admitting that babies often survive those abortions. They show high-level Planned Parenthood officials encouraging this organ-harvesting scheme, acknowledged that it is happening, and attempting to skirt scrutiny from it. 

The videos Carly Fiorina referenced do indeed exist, and they reveal the barbaric realities of the abortion industry.

Source: Who’s Really Lying About The Planned Parenthood Videos? Carly Fiorina Or The Factcheckers?