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Mitch McConnell – Senate Leader

What will Mitch McConnell do about the Planned Parenthood funding issue? He has a real problem in that, according to Senate rules, he can’t get 60 votes on the issue to send it to the President’s desk. Even if he could, the President would veto it and there would not be 67 Senate votes to override it.

Now that is a tough position to be in. As Carly Fiorina suggested, we should at least find a way to force President Obama to veto it.

One option, which I actually favor, is to do away with Senate rule 22 which requires 60 votes. I favor it regardless of which party has a majority in the Senate.

“Isn’t it obvious? For the media to play up this shutdown fight, as is their nature, they first have to explain what the controversy is all about. And that is the last thing they want to do. An explanation means giving pro-lifers a huge platform to message on Planned Parenthood.

“Republicans consider shutting down government for some reason we have no idea why, maybe see paragraph 12 for a possible explanation” is the tone that most coverage of this issue has had thus far. In an actual shutdown scenario, that would have to change. Heaven forbid that Pope Francis mention it in a sentence that also talks about gays.

“This is an opportunity that Republican leadership could seize if they wanted to. The likeliest scenario here is no shutdown – a situation where Ted Cruz makes noise, but pro-life groups and leaders give cover, the base is disgusted, and Trump nukes some dumb Senator over it. But that scenario will be more palatable for pro-lifers if they have the opportunity to have their day in the sun. If Republicans put a continuing resolution that defunds Planned Parenthood on the floor for three weeks, forcing the Democrats to rail in opposition and for the media to cover this topic day after day, it would be a far better approach than doing nothing, saying nothing, then cutting a deal at the end of the month, where Mitch McConnell comes out to the microphones and says with a smile that the Senate is open for business.”

Source: Mitch McConnell And The Planned Parenthood Atom Bomb