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Children learning

There are some great experiments going on in the education world. Allowing parents to choose and creating charter schools is very innovative. In most cases it is working. Consider how charter schools gave New Orleans a second chance after Katrina.

“After Arizona pioneered an unusual school-choice law called education savings accounts (ESAs), which deposit’s a child’s state education dollars into a bank account with a debit card parents control, parents of autistic children founded a school for their kids. They have seen substantial progress with the help of expert teachers and therapists and an extremely low student-to-teacher ratio.

“With a new law this spring, Nevadans will have a similar opportunity. The state’s education savings accounts, the nation’s most expansive because they are open to all public school students, allow parents to take their kids out of public schools and spend state money on their kids’ education.Parents can cater an a la carte education to their child’s needs.

“That money is 90 percent of what the state had been spending on the kid’s education in public schools, or about $5,100 for most kids, so it doesn’t cost taxpayers anything extra. Parents can spend the money on more than just private school tuition. Tutoring, textbooks, transportation, therapy, curricula, and testing fees are approved expenses. Whatever’s left at the end of the year rolls over into the next, and ultimately can go towards college expenses. Parents can cater an a la carte education to their child’s needs.”

Source: Fight Brews Over Nevada’s School Choice Experiment