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Same Sex wedding cake

The sexual revolution has essentially succeeded. Marriage, fidelity, loyalty and eternal love have been on the rocks for a while.

If marriage isn’t “forever”, for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, then it isn’t too big a leap to saying it isn’t between a man and a woman either.

In recent days, many Americans have reveled in the hypocrisy of a number of well-known people revealed as subscribers to the Ashley Madison pro-adultery website. But there is a far more important revelation from the hackings: the alarming number who signed up for the site—33 million people. That startling statistic reminds us that no one is immune to sexual temptation. It also shows how far modern society has drifted from the idea that marriage is a permanent and exclusive union.

Some people may be inclined to blame the breakdown of marriage on gays and lesbians, but as the Ashley Madison hack should make clear, heterosexuals are to blame for the breakdown of marriage.

Source: Heterosexuals Are to Blame For the Breakdown of Marriage

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