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Jesus is all about redemption. A focus on rehabilitation in our prison system is desperately needed. Great insight from George Will.

“The man at the front of the room in the prison here is talking about the institution’s culinary and hospitality training that will help some of his fellow inmates “give back to the community.” He will never get back to any community; he is serving a “double life” sentence. But because he is not going anywhere, he can provide leadership to those who are. Some will go to the 35 Cleveland restaurants that are eager to help themselves, and reduce recidivism while doing so, by hiring those who learn in prison to serve the food plate from the left and to remove it from the right. Small things learned inside can help people stay outside.

Source: George Will: Redeeming and reintegrating the remainder of a life | Deseret News

Do we have hope as an anchor for our souls? – We have run with our very lives to God. He is our spritual lifeline for sure. We have hope. So we see the lifeline He gives us and grab it with both hands. It is secure. We don’t let go.Why would we? His spiritual lifeline is unbreakable. It reaches past this unreal world right to […]