The word racism is used a lot these days. But what does it really mean anymore?

“What, then, does it actually mean if someone calls you a racist today? That you were born white in an historically white nation? Well, it’s not immoral to have the wrong skin color. Does being a racist mean that you have certain privileges compared to someone else? Well, it is only the vice of envy which sees the advantage of another and considers it a slight against oneself.”

Source: Let The Left Destigmatize Racism

Generations of Stolen Black Dreams. Are we ready for tough love? – It is a reasonable question to ask, “What more can we do?” That isn’t to say that there isn’t more to be done. Policy should be practical. Strategy should lead to tactics. In response to my article, “Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away,” a sincere black activist emailed asking me […]

Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t Going To Fix Our Problems – When a movement is built on a lie, it is reasonable to question what that movement is up to ultimately. Here are some issues that the Black Lives Matters group could focus on: Intact families where moms and dads are present and active.  Eight-five percent of poor black children live in single-mother households, and such children are […]