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Why are the refuges mainly men? There are probably lots of good reasons. Of course, it is dangerous and difficult. Families can come later.

And, there are some security concerns which need to be considered as well. This is all difficult.

The problem is in Syria and Bashar al-Assad. 300,000 murdered now and millions of refuges. Russia and Iran want to keep him in power. Why?

May God grant us all wisdom to know what to do.

“Of 102,753 registered arrivals through Italy and Greece, the International Organization of Migration found that 68,085 were men, with only 13,888 women and 20,780 children. At both the Hungary-Croatia border and the Serbia-Croatia border, I saw a noticeable majority of men, though it was nearly impossible to take a photograph without capturing at least one woman or child in the background.

“They tell us, ‘We do this dangerous trip on our own, we get asylum, and there is a law in the European Union that the family can come,’” says Christof Zellenberg, the chairman of the Europa Institute, who has been heavily involved in volunteer efforts in Vienna. You see few newcomers over 50, he adds, because “this is a grueling trip, and you need to be young and strong.”

Source: Europe’s Syrian Refugees — Why So Many Are Men | National Review Online