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Bernie Sanders applied to not participate in the Vietnam war as a conscientious objector. I applaud people of conviction who feel that way. We have always been a country that has accomodated people of faith. Until recently that is.

It wasn’t that long ago. It was Bill Clinton who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. That bill, once championed by the Left, compels the government to use the least restrictive means possible when forcing an American to violate his or her religious beliefs. Basically, it says if an accommodation can be made, the government must make it. The 1993 bill was crafted in direct response to a Supreme Court case concerning the religious liberty of Native Americans, a religious minority.

It is a core question of liberty and freedom that our country was founded on. God helped us create something special in this country. Are we willing to through it all under the bus in the name of political engineering?

May God help us all!

“Religious freedom is arguably under the greatest threat it has ever endured in our country’s history. The freedom of Christian practice unquestionably is. On the Left, one-time champions of religious liberty have thrown it under the bus of equal outcomes. On the Right, the rise of corporatism and the libertarian movement has moved religion from its central position to a bothersome side issue that many roll their eyes at.”

Source: Bernie Sanders’ Debt To Religious Freedom