Our support of Israel is the right thing to do. If the situation was happening to us in our country, we would want support as well.  The real intent is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Israel is fighting for their very existence.

“Imagine how the American public would react to a political group that incited supporters to knife people on the streets of New York, Cleveland, Denver, and Seattle. Fear, indignation, and anger would translate into furious insistence that the government put an end to the evil. No political grievance would be accepted as an excuse for the savagery.”

“Oslo’s failure and the current knifings teach similar lessons: The conflict is not about Palestinian statehood, Israeli settlements, or other issues subject to compromise. It’s about Arabs’ resentment, hatred, deep-seated convictions about injustice, and commitment to remedy the supposed injustice by eliminating the Jews and their state. In other words, it’s about ideas. So words matter a lot.”

Source: Palestine-Israel Intifada: Causes | National Review Online