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Interesting perspective on how the best way to think about Donald Trump is to look at Jesse Ventura’s rise and fall. We desperately need leaders with integrity. Integrity is a good filter to evaluate our prospective leaders. Bombast, as we saw with Jesse, is a dime a dozen!

“More than his thin skin and grandiose personality, the worst thing about Ventura was what he did during his tenure as governor. Being a governor worked out well for Ventura, but not for the citizens of Minnesota. Jason Lewis, a former Minnesota talk show host, wrote about Ventura at The Weekly Standard more than a decade ago and described him in a nutshell: “A Playboy interview, appearances on late night television, two book deals, action figures, a million-dollar color commentary contract for the now defunct XFL—politics turned out to be a profitable venture for one James Janos of north Minneapolis. He ran for office on a lark, and lightning struck.”

Source: Donald Trump Is The New Jesse Ventura