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There is a war on a way of life that is important to America. It is important to respect the many sides of an issue, particularly when there is disagreement. It is also important to list to the voters and not disparage them. There is a real concern, on the part of many, that allowing genetic males into women’s bathrooms is offensive and potentially dangerous.

When liberal Houston — a city with a three-term lesbian mayor — overwhelming rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance for the transgendered (among others), a hysterical New York Times editorial accused easily duped voters of being transphobic hate mongers with blood on their hands.There are, perhaps, some
other possibilities.

Source: This Isn’t A Culture War. It’s A War On Culture

Consider this In a recent piece, “Liberals Are Losing the Culture Wars,” Molly Ball, a superb observer of American politics, argued that Tuesday’s election losses for liberals — many focusing on social issues like “anti-discrimination” laws, marijuana legalization, and so on — undermines the Democrats’ contention that conservatives are out of step with society’s inevitable progressive trajectory.  I can’t help be skeptical about the conclusion.

Liberals love to point out the fractiousness of the GOP, whose dramatic fissures have racked the House of Representatives and tormented party leaders. But as Matt
Yglesias recently pointed out, Republican divisions are actually signs of an ideologically flexible big-tent party, while Democrats are in lockstep around an agenda whose popularity they too often fail to question. Democrats want to believe Americans are on board with their vision of social change — but they might win more elections if they meet voters where they really are.