Our soldiers and troops risk their lives daily for our security and well being. They do it voluntarily, not being compelled by anyone to do so. They deserve to be listened to and respected by our leaders.

Wisdom is needed in dealing with war that is being waged against us. Let us pray for leaders who seek the counsel of those in the know.

In 14 years of continual combat, has there ever been a greater disconnect between our warrior class and the civilians who purport to lead them? American politicians still don’t understand our enemy, still don’t understand the capabilities and limitations of the American military, and — worst of all — they still seem unwilling to learn. They come from an intellectual aristocracy that believes itself educated simply because it’s credentialed — and they tend to listen only to those who share similar credentials. They’ve built a bubble of impenetrable ignorance, and they govern accordingly.

Source: America’s Troops: Failed by Their Leaders | National Review Online