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We all have to answer to God. That is clear. There is a distinction between what God wants us to do as individuals and what the Government should do.

Is Jesus telling America to open its borders? To read the secular and religious Left — and to hear President Obama speak — you’d think that American Christians who argue against welcoming Syrian migrants to our shores are hateful, bigoted hypocrites ignoring clear scriptural imperatives of openness and compassion. In reality, however,
Christians who urge that we care for Syrian refugees abroad rather than here at home are responding wisely to national leaders who’ve failed in their own God-ordained duties. We can be compassionate from afar, and we’d be wise to do so.

Source: Syrian Refugees: Bible Doesn’t Command U.S. to Take Them In | National Review Online

Why did our Christian president fail to act when the attrocities first started in Syria? Writing in the American Interest, Walter Russell Mead nails the source of the present refugee crisis and the cynicism of Obama’s moral preening:

Obama’s own policy decisions — allowing Assad to convert peaceful demonstrations into an increasingly ugly civil war, refusing to declare safe havens and no-fly zones — were instrumental in creating the Syrian refugee crisis. This crisis is in large part the direct consequence of President Obama’s decision to stand aside and watch Syria burn. For him to try and use a derisory and symbolic program to allow 10,000 refugees into the United States in order to posture as more caring than those evil Jacksonian rednecks out in the benighted sticks is one of the most cynical, cold-blooded, and nastily divisive moves an American President has made in a long time.

We should be compassionate as individuals. Our government and leaders should be wise. May we pray that we each must do as we are led to by God.