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Florida same-sex couples are still fighting one of the remaining battles of the gay marriage fight in Florida. I guess it is a matter of nuance who is the biological mother and who is the biological father. Or is it? Will the child want to know later on? Will the child have a right to know?

Kari and Debbie Chin began dating in college at the University of Florida and had a commitment ceremony in 2001. When they gave birth to their second child in February, they were told both their names could not be on the birth certificate, and they aren’t happy about it.

They filed suit against the state of Florida in August, and Wednesday requested the federal court decide the case without a trial, saying the evidence of unequal treatment is so great that a trial is unnecessary. They didn’t have much hope their first child could have both names on the certificate, but since the Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriage in June they argue this time it’s different.

Source: Same-Sex Marriage Battles Are Far From Over In Florida | The Daily Caller