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I personally think that evaluating someone who wants to be President should mean evaluating someone’s policy philosophy, particularly as it relates to Constitutional principles and leadership capabilities.

I object to pure meanness and so does God. Here are a couple of examples from Proverbs.

Mean-spirited slander is heartless; quiet discretion accompanies good sense. Proverbs 11:12

A mean person gets paid back in meanness, a gracious person in grace. Proverbs 14:14

Mean people spread mean gossip; their words smart and burn. Proverbs 16:27

Mean-tempered leaders are like mad dogs; the good-natured are like fresh morning dew. Proverbs 19:12

Or consider this from Jesus. “It’s what comes out of a person that pollutes: obscenities, lusts, thefts, murders, adulteries, greed, depravity, deceptive dealings, carousing, mean looks, slander, arrogance, foolishness—all these are vomit from the heart. There is the source of your pollution.” Mark 7:20-23

What about the Apostle Paul? “Since they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose. And then all hell broke loose: rampant evil, grabbing and grasping, vicious backstabbing. They made life hell on earth with their envy, wanton killing, bickering, and cheating. Look at them: mean-spirited, venomous, fork-tongued God-bashers. Bullies, swaggerers, insufferable windbags! They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives. They ditch their parents when they get in the way. Stupid, slimy, cruel, cold-blooded. And it’s not as if they don’t know better. They know perfectly well they’re spitting in God’s face. And they don’t care—worse, they hand out prizes to those who do the worst things best!” Romans 1:28-32

What did James have to say? “Do you want to be counted wise, to build a reputation for wisdom? Here’s what you do: Live well, live wisely, live humbly. It’s the way you live, not the way you talk, that counts. Mean-spirited ambition isn’t wisdom. Boasting that you are wise isn’t wisdom. Twisting the truth to make yourselves sound wise isn’t wisdom. It’s the furthest thing from wisdom—it’s animal cunning, devilish conniving. Whenever you’re trying to look better than others or get the better of others, things fall apart and everyone ends up at the others’ throats.” James 3:13-16

While not “disqualifying” I am personally tired of hearing it.

Donald Trump has been a presidential candidate for about six and a half months. And this year, he has insulted at least 68 people/groups– an average of about one every three days as a candidate — according to a great compilation by Gillian Brockell, Thomas LeGro and Julio Negron of The Washington Post’s video team. It’s almost amazing that this video is only three-plus minutes long.

Source: The (at least) 68 people Donald Trump insulted in 2015, in 1 video – The Washington Post