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Charter Schools have proven themselves to be a boon to disadvantaged children who can’t get into private schools. It is a shame to see our politicians turn their back on the advantages being offered.

It is probably asking too much for teacher’s unions to support them. Isn’t the goal to educate children? Shouldn’t their needs come first?

Peggy Noonan considers the fate of charter schools in The Ideologue vs. the Children.

…[T]he people who run the public-school system that doesn’t work—the one where you can’t fire teachers who sexually prey on students and principals who don’t even show up for work, which is to say the public schools run by the…huge and powerful teachers union—don’t like the charter schools. And they are [New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s] supporters, a significant part of his base. The very existence of charter schools is an implicit rebuke to the public schools… It means they are not succeeding, and something new must be tried. … When a school exists for the students, you can tell. When it exists for the unions, you can tell that too…