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I am dismayed. I am a constitutional conservative (not a “Tea Partier”). I believe I’ve looked fairly at Mr. Trump’s positions. Historically, he seems to be more of a progressive than a conservative. He is clearly running as populist more than anything. That is just my opinion. Some share it, many do not.

Palin’s endorsement of Trump (and it sounds like Jerry Falwell Jr. will follow suit) confirms what many conservative pundits and political scientists have been highlighting the past several weeks: The GOP grassroots are not nearly as conservative as was thought. They, like Palin, were sick of big government on an instinctual level, not a philosophical one.

This was a bad day for Ted Cruz. He got hit hard when the popular Republican governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, said he supported anyone but Cruz. Now Palin has given Tea Partiers and evangelicals the cover they need to support a heterodox Trump. To top it all off, Cruz was campaigning in New Hampshire today because he was confident of his standing in Iowa.

Source: Sarah Palin Makes The Primary Worse For Conservatives