As of 2010, 151 people have been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. Twenty-nine nominees (including one nominated for promotion) have been unsuccessful on at least the first try. Of those 29:

  • 12 were fully considered and formally rejected by the Senate.
  • 7 (including a nomination of an Associate Justice for Chief Justice) were withdrawn by the President before a formal consideration could be taken by the Senate.
    • One of these nominations was withdrawn because of the Ineligibility Clause, but was confirmed after its applicability was no longer an issue.
  • 5 had no action taken on them.
    • One of these was because of a change in the Presidency, but the nomination was resubmitted by the incoming President and confirmed.
  • 3 had formal votes on the nominations that were postponed.
    • One of these nominations was reconsidered after a change in Senate composition and confirmed.
  • 2 had nominations nullified by other circumstances without being formally considered.

Source: Unsuccessful nominations to the Supreme Court of the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia