“Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”Is free speech dangerous? “The Constitution guarantees us free speech. It is, in an “originalist” sense, very clear. It didn’t say we guarantee free speech unless … Is hate speech free speech? It is speech.” | A Sri Lankan Lesson in Free Speech – New York Times      “I had been interviewed onstage in a conversation that ranged from my early life, to my sense of identity, to questions of free speech and censorship. I was critical of identity politics and supportive of the right to give offense.” | Is Twitter for or against “free speech”? What if “the speech” has to do with radical Islamist terrorist? “Is Twitter for or against free speech? Their new policy seems innocuous but is it really?Twitter’s policy, called “Hate content, sensitive topics, and violence,” is here.” | This is truly sad.  Black, Democrat student called ‘Uncle Tom’ for defending free speech – The College Fix “Uncle Tom. Ben Carson. Clarence Thomas. Those are just a few of the names 20-year-old Zach Wood said he has been called by peers this school year as a student at Williams College, an elite New England institution in rural Massachusetts.”  | How much do we spend on potato chips? Campaign finance reform – George Will at Prager University -“What corrupts politics more: Millionaires and billionaires? Or the rules that intend to limit the influence of wealthy donors? At Prager University, George Will, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, explains who designed campaign finance reform and why Congress’s solution to the problem may actually be the bigger problem.” | The World’s Scholars Rally Against India’s Free Speech Campus Crackdowns – Inverse – “India’s largest nationwide student protests in a quarter of a century are heating up, in reaction to the arrest of student union president Kanhaiya Kumar at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Academics around the world are now voicing their solidarity with the demonstrating students and professors, who are defending their right to free speech and expression.”

50 Cent Called To Bankruptcy Court To Explain Posted Pictures With Stacks Of Money Spelling “Broke” by JONATHAN TURLEY “It is bad enough to represent a guy in a bankruptcy case named “50 Cent.” It is even more difficult when your client says that he is broke and then posts an image of himself with piles of money spelling out the word “broke.” Just to make sure that the court did not miss the disconnect, Curtis James Jackson III (aka 50 Cent) also posted himself on a bed covered with piles of money.”

Justice Scalia was a great American jurist and a real advocate for our Constitution. May he Rest in Peace. |  Justice Antonin Scalia’s Funeral Mass 20 Feb – Jonathan Turley | Scalia Devoted Life to Making America Less Fair,Tolerant – Jeffrey Toobin, New Yorker | Antonin Scalia: Master Stylist – Andrew Ferguson, The Weekly Standard | Simple and Solemn, Inside Scalia’s Funeral – Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast | Obama’s Rudeness Hits New Heights With Scalia & Schumer – Kyle Smith, NY Post | Unsuccessful nominations to the Supreme Court of the United States – Michael Wilson – Thoughts on culture, politics and more

Life is so very important and we must protect it. Life is sacred. Life is a gift from God. Jesus challenges to respect life because he is life. |  Kentucky governor sues Planned Parenthood, alleging 23 illegal abortions –  LifeSiteNews – “Kentucky’s new governor has sued his state’s Planned Parenthood chapter for allegedly conducting 23 illegal abortions.” Myth: Roe v. Wade led immediately to the availability of legal abortion throughout the nation – Michael Wilson – Thoughts on culture, politics and more

Just what we need. A real Socialist running our country.  Feeling Too Much Bern – SteynOnline – “The denouement of my appearance on the ABC’s Q&A echoes on. Chris Kenny writes in The Australian: In the final minute, US-based Canadian commentator Mark Steyn was summing up the prospects of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the US presidential race.”

Slander | Shariah: the Threat to America – Michael Wilson – Thoughts on culture, politics and more – “We don’t seem to see what is happening. There are two kinds of jihad. “Civilization Jihad” is very dangerous.” | ISIS Beheads Teenage Boy Caught Listening To Western Music – JONATHAN TURLEY – “ISIS again caused international outrage with pictures this week of its beheading of Ayham Hussein, 15, who was reportedly executed for listening to Western music. ISIS considers such influences to be anti-Islamic and subject to death under the medieval Sharia law system enforced by the militants.”

“I’m holding you to the original plan [for marriage]” ~Jesus | What do Americans really think about sex? – “Our culture has gone profane. The immoral is seen as virtuous. Adulterers are held up in glory. Pornography abounds. Our attitudes have run a muck. Or is that really true? So what do Americans really think.” | Why Won’t Gay Activists Debate?  “Michael Brown describes an interesting phenomenon. He went to the Faroe Islands to debate on the topic as they are considering a change in law. Interesting that the legislators who are in favor didn’t show up and cancelled.” | Scalia’s Last Words on Judicial Activism: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Lacked ‘Even Thin Veneer of Law’ – Breitbart News

That Time When You Could Save Yourself From Being Executed by Beating the Executioner in a Foot Race.

Donald Trump drops 3 points from his New Hampshire win in South Carolina showing | Trump: ‘I’m Not Sure’ Rubio Is Eligible to Run for President – Tom S. Elliott – “Donald Trump yesterday retweeted a post questioning Marco Rubio’s eligibility to run for president, and today told George Stephanopoulos “the lawyers will have to determine” whether he’s eligible.”I’m not really that familiar with Marco’s circumstances,” Trump said on This Week. “I’m not sure.” “I honestly have never looked at it,” he continued. “As somebody said, he’s not and I retweeted it. I have 14 million people between Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and I retweet things and we start dialogue and it’s very interesting — and maybe that’s why I have 14 million people.”  | Pope Francis Was Spot-On About Donald Trump  By Neal Dewing – “Donald Trump rudely trashes Pope Francis; Pope Francis responds with humility. That’s what we expect from both of them.” | History Is Now on Donald Trump’s Side – Susan Page, USA Today | How Trump Won South Carolina – Andrew Shain, The State | If Trump’s Foes Don’t Unite Soon, It’s a Don Deal – John Podhoretz, New York Post | Trump Romps, Bush Hits the Exit – Caitlin Huey-Burns & Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

The Real Reason Apple Is Fighting the FBI – Cato Institute – “The first thing to understand about Apple’s latest fight with the FBI—over a court order to help unlock the deceased San Bernardino shooter’s phone—is that it has very little to do with the San Bernardino shooter’s phone. It’s not even, really, the latest round of the Crypto Wars—the long running debate about how law enforcement and intelligence agencies can adapt to the growing ubiquity of uncrackable encryption tools. Says Cato scholar Julian Sanchez, “It’s a fight over the future of high-tech surveillance, the trust infrastructure undergirding the global software ecosystem, and how far technology companies and software developers can be conscripted as unwilling suppliers of hacking tools for governments.” |  Apple Is Right About Terrorist’s iPhone – Robert Robb, Arizona Republic | If The FBI Can Make Apple Open Syed Farook’s iPhone, It Can Do Anything By Brandon Morse – “The government wants Apple to make a hack-friendly iOS to combat terrorism, but it will open the door for unprecedented levels of cyber terrorism.” | Cut the Crap, Apple, and Open Syed Farook’s iPhone – Gabriel Malor, The Federalist

The GOP Presidential Field and The Narcissism of Small Differences – American Thinker – “The most striking thing about the field of GOP candidates is the extent to which they agree on policy issues.”

Cruz’s Southern Firewall Cracks – Alexis Levinson, National Review

Victory in Nevada a Turning Point for Hillary Clinton – Errol Louis, CNN | Despite Win, Clinton Still Vulnerable – Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe | Barring a Catastrophe, Hillary Is Inevitable Again – Jamelle Bouie, Slate

Requiem for the Bush Dynasty – Todd Purdum, Vanity Fair | Jeb Bush’s Path To Defeat Began A Year Ago by Harry Enten  – “The Jeb Bush campaign for president is over. After a disappointing finish in South Carolina on Saturday, he suspended his campaign shortly before 9 p.m., before it was even clear whether he would place fourth or fifth. The news of his exit didn’t come as a surprise given his poor showings in the first three contests this primary season, but if you had told most analysts a year ago how the Bush campaign would go, they would have been shocked. So just what the heck happened?”