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Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Jonah Goldberg has a real way with words. This article is long but worth it to get these kind of gems.

Sadly, it is true that President after President is weakening our republic with executive actions.

We need leadership who can stick to what they believe is best for the constitution. That is what they have sworn to do.

Consider the fact thatObamacare is now simply untethered from law or policy. This week the administration announced that you can get a hardship waiver from Obamacare if your hardship is . . .wait for it . . . Obamacare. This is like getting out of doing push-ups during basic training if you can prove that doing push-ups would be difficult for you, defeating the point of doing push-ups in the first place. The White House is quite simply making it all up as they go along. You can’t really point to a thing that is Obamacare because doing so would be like pointing at the blob in a lava lamp and saying “that looks like Michael Caine eating a badger.” Maybe it looks like that right now. Give it a second.

via The Quote-Unquote Presidency | National Review Online.