Is It Time To Admit Character Doesn’t Matter? – Does character and morals matter any more in politics? It seems like we have consciously ignored it for a long. The horse is out of the barn so to  speak. That is discouraging as I believe morality is more important than politics. The two can go hand in hand but they don’t these days.

We can do better. We must choose to. We must make a decision that character does in fact matter. 

“How many times have we heard that it is righteous and fair to dig into the minutia of a candidate’s personal past, no matter how small or seemingly trivial the issue or how mean-spirited and tendentious the investigation, because, after all, it “goes to character” and, as we all know, when it comes to a presidential candidate, character is everything. 

 “That’s why we need to know that 40 years ago Mitt Romney gave some guy an unwanted haircut, or that Ben Carson might be fibbing a bit about… whatever.

 “Hillary spends all day every day validating the perceived victimhood of her constituency, promising to stick it to the bastards who have engineered their misery—you know, the fat cats who have caused them to be completely incapable of affecting their own circumstances in any positive way: It’s not your fault, and I’m going to make the people who did it to you pay.

“Trump taps into the seething resentment of people who go about their lives treating people fairly, working hard and trying to be decent citizens, and for their trouble are painted as racist, greedy, uncaring. unenlightened Yahoos. They are sick unto death of it and willing to overlook everything, or anything, if their guy is going to stand up and punch the bullies in the nose.?” Source: Is It Time To Admit Character Doesn’t Matter?