Your name gets put on a list. There has been no hearing. There has been no trial. No evidence has been presented to prove that the reason you are on the list is valid.

You’ve just been place on the list. And being on that list will prevent you from owning a gun.

“The Obama administration is taking a new run at imposing unilateral gun control measures. It is likely that the president will take some action related to his proposal, issued in November, that anyone on the terror watch list be barred from purchasing a gun. In doing so, he may inadvertently reveal a sharp divide in his own coalition, and may even create an opportunity for conservatives.

“The president’s plan has many flaws and, as Gabriel Malor pointed out when the idea first emerged, Democrats have not even been completely honest about what they are proposing. But the biggest problem is that the president proposes to deprive people of constitutional rights by the simple expedient of placing their names on a list. No hearing, no trial, and no explanation necessary: just the simple typing of a person’s name renders him a second-class citizen.”

Source: How The Right Can Get Liberal Support For Gun Rights