Anyone can fill out a form, say he’s a resident, and cast a vote. What is wrong with that? It seems like common sense that when we need identification for everything we do today, having it for voting would not be a big deal.

Here are some examples why.

“Guerrilla videographer James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas team have for years documented just how easy it is to commit voter fraud in states ranging from Minnesota to North Carolina. In 2012, his undercover exposés at the polls convinced the New Hampshire legislature to pass a bill mandating that voters show a government-issued ID — even college ID cards are acceptable. If voters have no form of ID, they can sign an affidavit and still have their vote counted. The votes needed to approve the bill over the objections of then-governor John Lynch were provided by his fellow Democrats.

“But, as New Hampshire demonstrates, even when a state passes voter-integrity laws that require an ID, they can come with loopholes big enough to haul a bushel full of questionable votes through. O’Keefe’s video clearly shows that New Hampshire needs to go back to the drawing board and pass a new law tightening the voter-ID requirement and reasserting its state constitutional requirement that someone should be living in New Hampshire to vote in that state. “Election tourism,” which the Live Free or Die state is famous for, is fine, but it shouldn’t come with voting privileges.”
Source: New Hampshire Voter-ID Law: O’Keefe Exposes Its Ineffectiveness