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Let it be known that I am an Atlanta Braves fan. I understand the passion of the hometown team. Baseball does transcend most everything else. Even politics for pundits.

So … speaking of Bryce Harper:

He’s the best baseball player on the planet, probably in the entire Milky Way. (Those box scores are slow in coming in.) And for the next three years, he’ll be playing at Nats Park. After that, he becomes a free agent and will command the largest contract in the history of professional sports. He might very well end up with the money-bag Dodgers or Yankees and $500 million. Give or take.

By 2019, we could all be underwater or living under sharia law, depending on whether your doomsday is of the Democratic or the Republican flavor. In the interim, I’m going to eat, drink, and watch Harper.

Source: Bryce Harper, Baseball’s Best Player, Washington Nationals’ Pride