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This is telling. The current predominate corporate culture in America promotes inclusion. This is a noble culture, idea and policy for a company. You would think 40% of employees would rise to the level to be included. So when it was 51%, were they included?

There is another agenda here.

What is it, do you think? Is it just that 40% of your employees or customers are really on the wrong side of history?

Time: All 20,000 employees aren’t all going to have the same political beliefs. Same thing with customers: 60% of people support same-sex marriage which means 40% of people still don’t. Do you weigh the potential to upset some customers or employees, or to lose business by alienating people who are less embracing of LGBT issues?

Benioff: I default to this concept of stakeholder theory. CEOs have to decide: are they advocating for their shareholders or advocating for their stakeholders? If you’re only focused on shareholders, then you’ve got a very different situation on your hands. And in our case, we are very much focused on stakeholder theory.

Time: But what do you think about those people who are among your stakeholders who don’t agree with a stance that is supportive of LGBT rights?

Benioff: I, unfortunately, think that they are on the wrong side of history.

Source: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: ‘Anti-LGBT’ Bills Are ‘Anti-Business’ | TIME