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This is somewhat hard to believe. The White House denies playing a role in the Justice Department’s decision to threaten North Carolina over the “bathroom” law passed by the state government in March.

“When it comes to enforcement actions, those are decisions that are made entirely by attorneys at the Department of Justice,” Press Secretary Josh Earnest said when questioned about the decision.

In a letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, the Department of Justice warned yesterday that the law restricting bathroom use by the opposite sex violates the Civil Rights Act. Earnest says that the White House had discussed the issue with with several federal agencies including the Justice Department, but that the decision to send the letter was independent of the White House.

“All of that, of course, is separate from the enforcement decision that was made by the Department of Justice and announced just yesterday,” he insists.

The letter from the Justice Department drew criticism from supporters of the state law in North Carolina. This is clearly an over reach. It appears Governor McCrory will not comply.

Source: White House Denies Role In Justice Department Decision To Threaten North Carolina – Breitbart