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The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution set out the principles and framework of a God-centered approach to government. Our founders truly believed that God entitles us to this. God ordained it.

Our country is founded this truth being “self-evident”. Is it really self evident today? Do most of our citizens know this and believe it? Probably not and that is sad. We who do must work to make that clear.

Our country is founded on the truth that we are created equal by God. God gives us certain rights that are “unalienable”. They can’t be taken away from us.

What are those rights?

  • Life
  • Liberty
  • Pursuing happiness

What do we have a government for? To secure those rights for us. That is not only the main thing that is the thing.

We give the government the power to do that. It isn’t the other way around.

We must know what the documents say and mean.

We must care that they are faithfully followed.

No Constitution can protect a people that does not know or care about what it says.

Source: Sultan Knish: Youmerica