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Who will rescue the Christians in the Middle East from the genocide that is occurring every day? America and Europe doesn’t the courage or the will to do so. At least not now.

Who does that leave? It leaves Israel alone.

Since America Won’t Stop Christian Genocide, Israel Should – “But all Arab indoctrination—no matter the sect—instills animus for Jews and the state of Israel. Anyone who claims that the Arab world—Muslim and Christian—is not pathologically anti-Semitic is delusional. This is the elephant in the room in the Arab Christian subculture; the secret sin no one wants to bring to the light.

“By no means am I saying every single Middle Eastern Christian is anti-Semitic, but it is there in the air of the culture across the Arab world. It is this unspoken, almost unconscious feeling that prevents Iraqi Christians and other Arab Christians in the Middle East from seeking help from Israel. It is a blight upon the people of my heritage—Middle Eastern Christians who have suffered long under the rule of Islam.

“An example of this pathological anti-Semitism can be seen in this 2011 Pew Research Center study. When asked concerning 9/11, a majority of Arab Muslims, as high as 75 percent in Egypt and 73 percent in Turkey, said they did not believe that al-Qaeda attacked the United States on 9/11. Most held conspiracy theories about Israel being secretly behind, or somehow complicit in, the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Former Egyptian president and Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamad Morsi traded in these conspiracy theories as well.

“Israel is the last hope for Arab Christians; it’s as simple as that. America is not leading on the refugee issue, especially for Iraqi Christians. Yet helping them, doing good to the Christians in the Arab world, would require Israel overcoming her neighbors’ anti-Semitism, even of those Christians who will not ask for help because of their prejudices.”

Elliot Abrams, during an AEI panel on the Sykes-Picot Agreement, made the most courageous statements I have heard from anyone regarding the situation:

Most of the Christian communities are dying, will never be restored….nobody has that feeling toward Christian minorities in Iraq [speaking of the desire to save the communities]…we don’t even take Christian refugees…I am really struck by the hostility to the notion that anything should be done for the Christian communities of the Middle East…is anybody being persecuted more than the Iraqi Christians? Does anybody have a more well-founded fear [of persecution]? They can’t even go to U.N refugee camps safely. And we are doing nothing about that. [Regarding the conundrum of liquidating Christianity from the area] It would be like saying, in 1940, surely a 1000 years of Jewish history in Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, we don’t want to kill it by taking those people as refugees. They died. The Christians will die, or many of them will die. So I think we don’t have the right to say, ‘Stay there and maintain your churches,’ when they’re being killed.

Source: Since America Won’t Stop Christian Genocide, Israel Should