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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

HILLARY’S HAUTEUR by Chris Stirewalt – This is stunning. It is hard to imagine not understanding how this looks. But … “There’s hubris and then there’s the Clintons. The news is that former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea will stop raising money for the family’s foundation and that the organization would stop accepting foreign contributions if Hillary Clinton gets elected.

“Think about that one for a second.

“If Clinton’s critics are right and her family’s foundation was little more than a legalized form of bribing the woman who stands poised to become president of the United States, then what would the significance be of the foundation vowing to stop accepting foreign contributions if Clinton is elected?

“Why a gold rush of influence buying between now and Election Day, of course!Hurry, hurry everybody, this is a last chance to get in good with the next commander in chief.

“If Clinton and her supporters were right that the foundation is a unique and essential global charity that does essential work, why would one change course? Would Jonas Salk have ditched the polio vaccine because people complained about his funding? Would Marie Curie have dropped the radium just because she was getting cash from some unsavory sources?

“The answer from Team Clinton would be that the ban on foreign funds and diminished role for the family would avoid the “appearance of impropriety.”

“But if it appears that there might be an impropriety on Nov. 8, why not now?

“The pressure is growing on Clintons on the left to unwind their massive buckraking efforts. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and the Boston Globe editorial page both added to the weight this week.  Rather than swift response though, we get what has been the hallmark of Clinton’s second White House run: caution imbued with arrogance.

“Clinton’s slow-walked response to her email scandal, her refusal to give press conferences and her tapioca-bland policy positions are all reflective of a candidate who is just kicking the can. Unworried about defeat, Clinton is simply refusing to engage and happy to keep the focus on her foe, Donald Trump.

“Whether or not that works will depend on whether Trump can ever shift the focus back to her. If he can go even a week without campaign drama or a distracting controversy, scrutiny on Clinton would intensify.

“If the race does tighten in the home stretch, that could prove to be a problem. If the race doesn’t get more competitive and Clinton doesn’t face additional calls for accountability, one can only imagine how these tendencies would play out to disastrous ends inside her White House.”

Source: Hillary’s hauteur | Fox News