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I have followed the election race closely this year. I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary. I do live in Texas, how could I do otherwise? He won Texas but lost the nomination. He was not a perfect candidate but reflected most of what I would want to see from a constitutional point of view.

I agree with what Evan McMullin is running for in the campaign to be President. I don’t agree, so much, with what the other 4 or 5 main candidates believe.

I have thought (and prayed) as most of what I have heard since Donald Trump was nominated is that it is a “binary choice”. The premise is that unless you vote for Trump, you are voting for Hillary.

I think I must reject that. I think our founding fathers would have as well.

A choice for someone is a choice for that person. That is all it is.

If all we have is 2 choices when there are in fact more, we are in trouble with the truth.

The truth is that a vote for someone is only a vote for them. Thankfully, in America, we have that choice. To imply otherwise is false.

If there are 5 numbers to choose from and you choose number 3, you have not, in fact, chosen number 1. That is both logical and that is not true.

I understand why republicans want me to believe differently but please don’t be dishonest and try to make me feel guilty because of your illogical approach.

I know Evan McMullin will loose. There will be only one winner. Many (perhaps even most) of us will not have our way. That is what our republic is all about.

I will support the winner. That is what Jesus asks us to do.

The time has come for a new generation of American leadership and civic engagement. Our nation was founded by courageous, principled Americans who took on the seemingly impossible fight for the cause of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To put our country back on track, we must live up to their example. We begin by identifying and discussing the core ideals and principles that give us strength and prosperity.

  1. Our basic rights are God-given. Every American is created equal and has the same right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The fundamental purpose of government is to secure, not define, these rights for every member of our diverse society.

  2. We honor our Constitution. We must honor the Constitution and the rights it enshrines as written, including the freedoms of religion and speech. Any changes to the Constitution must be made through the amendment process it provides, not by Judicial or Executive action.

  3. Government power must be separated and balanced. The Constitution grants separate powers to the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. We must return lawmaking power to Congress, ending Executive and Judicial overreach. Federal activities must be limited to those granted by the Constitution and all other powers must remain with the States and the people.

  4. Our leaders must be honest and wise. They must put the public interest ahead of their own, acting with integrity, transparency, and good judgment.

  5. We share responsibility for service and civic duty. Every American has a responsibility to serve our communities and our nation. It is our civic duty to be informed and engaged on important issues, and seek out leaders who will uphold our rights and serve the people.

  6. Our leaders must be fiscally responsible. Our country cannot be secure and prosperous with uncontrolled debt and deficits. Our leaders must have the courage to reform entitlement programs and pay down debt, rather than accumulating more.

  7. Government must promote a free market. Big corporations should not be able to buy government favors. There should be a level playing field for all companies, large and small. Smart, narrowly-focused regulation must protect health and safety without stifling innovation.

  8. We must help people in poverty to overcome it. Government must provide a basic safety net for Americans unable to support themselves. Its programs should help people to overcome poverty, rather than simply survive it.

  9. We must protect life from birth to natural death. Our respect for life is a true measure of our humanity. We must protect the lives of the most vulnerable from the unborn to the elderly.

  10. National defense is a primary federal government responsibility. Our national security requires unmatched military and economic strength, and a commitment to the cause of liberty.

  11. All Americans should have access to affordable, quality health care. The best way to improve Americans’ health care is to encourage competition and innovation. Our health care system must be responsive to patients, not simply insurers and bureaucrats.

  12. Our 2nd Amendment rights must be protected. We have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, which the government must ensure.

  13. Healthy immigration is important to our future. We must secure our borders, enforce our laws and facilitate the legal immigration of those who will contribute to American prosperity, security, and culture.


Source: Principles – Evan McMullin for President