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Sometimes I wonder, how could this happen? Why would it be this way?

There is an answer.

A leader, consciously decided, to make it happen. Someone is accountable.

That isn’t blame. That is reality.

Religious liberty is a choice of leadership. When it begins to disappear, a leader has decided to let it or make it happen.

It is not a mistake.

We need leaders who care about our constitution and our liberty.

It has to leave the reader wondering just why all of this has been necessary. Why has this become a heated political battle and a Supreme Court case? It’s hard to avoid one simple answer: It has happened this way because the Obama administration wanted it to. The president saw an advantage in going out of his way to spark a highly divisive cultural, political, and legal battle that leaves some of his fellow Americans with the sense that their most basic liberties are threatened rather than going out of his way to avoid it. He may feel justified in that view, in light of how that fight has gone. But that is no excuse.

Source: A Gratuitous Assault on Religious Liberty – Yuval Levin | National Review