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The United States, and other European and non-European countries, are being attacked day after day. It is relentless.

Since 2001, there have been 33,457 attacks, killing 215,565 innocent human beings.

This is horrific.

This is evil.

So again we ask, why doe the evil ISIS caliphate still exist?

Mateen’s strike represents one of ISIS’s greatest single victories in its war against the West. For the cost of a single expendable martyr, jihadists executed their most successful U.S. terrorist attack since 9/11, and they did so in a way that vindicated ISIS’s distinctive tactical approach. Rather than relying on hard-to-plan (and easier-to-stop) spectacular attacks, ISIS seeks to plan or inspire a broader range of smaller attacks. It’s a strategy that’s paid off in Europe and in the United States, where the rate and deadliness of terror plots has increased markedly since 2014.

Thus, I have to ask. Why does the ISIS caliphate still exist?

Source: Pulse Night Club Attack Anniversary — ISIS Hasn’t Been Defeated | National Review