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In fathoming the failure of Europeans to protect their own interests against the onslaught of Islamic jihadism, one is reminded of Ayn Rand’s quotation that “[r]eason is not automatic.  Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it.  Do not count on them[.]”

What is going on in Europe, or at least western Europe? Is just that they feel guilty about their imperialist past and have some atonement needs?

It could be that this idea that no culture is better than any other culture has finally taken hold. Say something long enough and you just might come to believe it.

Of course, there is the never ending media that soft pedals the true roots of Islamic evil. This has become insidious.

Or, it could be that we just don’t want to hear the truth about the only way to God being through Jesus. How about we stand up for that. 


Source: Articles: Ayn Rand, Altruism, and Jihad