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When asked to identify their ultimate financial goal for life, half of Christians first think of others—not themselves—according to The Generosity Gap, a new Barna report produced in partnership with Thrivent Financial. Jesus challenges us to give and be givers.

On the other hand, about one-third of Christians are self-focused in their priorities. In studying the drivers of Christian generosity, Barna categorized and analyzed these two groups as Givers and Keepers.

  • “Givers are motivated by “others-focused” goals: to provide for their family (43%), to give charitably (23%) to serve God with their money (20%) or to leave a legacy for others (14%). Fifty percent of Christians are Givers.”
  • “Keepers are motivated by “self-focused” goals: to support the lifestyle they want (42% of Keepers), to be content (37%), to be debt-free (16%) or to earn enough to show how hard they work (5%). Thirty-five percent of Christians are Keepers.”

Source: Christians’ Financial Motivations Matter – Barna Group – Barna Group